March 31, 2014
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With Spring Break just over, it is time to start thinking about Kindergarten check-ups and physicals. Parents all over Northwest Arkansas are sniffling a little to think that their precious toddlers have grown so fast. Make sure to schedule your appointment with us (Contact Us )to get your little one ready for their new school career.

Here are some tips to help your littles start to prepare for an upcoming school year. Do you have any ideas on things you can do to prepare your little person for Kindergarten?

  1. Read books about Kindergarten. This will help you start the conversation with your kiddo and ease any anxiety.
  2. Start touring the school now. This is important! Children who feel like they understand their surroundings do better when away from their comfort zones.
  3. Do art projects where your little one gets to imagine what school will be like.

  4. Make a schedule that shows when they will be at school. Stability and structure are always positive!

  5. Make sure your kiddo has no health concerns that will hinder their school experience